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Website Hosting

We provide a great website hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage. We have a free plan and also a paid plan for our service. Our plans are as follows:

Free Plan

This plan gives you unlimited bandwidth and storage for you to make simple blogs. An email also can be included in this plan depending on the availability.

$0.50/Year - Personal Plan

With this plan, you get 50 databases, 1 email account and unlimited storage and bandwidth for your page. You can also add your own domain or buy one with our help. More email accounts and databases can be purchaced later.

$1.00/Year - Business Plan

This plan includes 50 databases, 1 email account, unlimited storage and bandwidth for your website. You can add upto two domains with this or use ours for free. We also install a shared SSL certificate for you for free or you can buy one and install a custom one later.

$1.50/Month - Enterprise Plan

For a large company with a large number of visitors everyday, we offer 300 databases, 100 email accounts, unlimited storage and bandwidth, upto 10 different domains and SSL certificate.

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